About our beta website

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We're creating a new dva.gov.au that's easier to use and understand. Our beta website helps us deliver and test new designs and features with simple, meaningful content. When the beta website is finished, it will become the new dva.gov.au.

What is the beta website?

Our beta website is a new version of our main website.

Our main website has too much information to redesign and rewrite in one go. The beta website is a place for us to trial and test new designs and content, in stages or ‘releases’.

You can tell us what you think about our beta website along the way. This helps us make sure our changes are working and we keep improving. So please get involved and help shape the site.

When the beta website is finished, it will become the new dva.gov.au.

If you can’t find the information you need on this beta website, please visit our main website.

Why are we creating the beta website?

On our main website, information can be hard to find, scan, read and understand. Some of our information is duplicated, out of date or incorrect, too long, technical or presented to the wrong audience.

To address these challenges, we want to create a new website that is up to date, simple and easier for you to use.

We are:

  • building our site to meet your needs, focusing on a consistent experience
  • reorganising our information so you can find what you’re looking for
  • rewriting our information so it is current, complete and easy to understand
  • improving our search to help you find information fast.


We release new content and functionality to the beta website as it is ready. We’ll let you know what is in each release with our release notes.

Release 1.0 — Beta website launch

31 July 2019

This is the first release and launch of our new beta website. It showcases our new design and approach to content. We have rewritten our mental health, cards and travel topics so information is easier to understand. We've also included a feedback form and information on how DVA is transforming.

Help us improve

To help us build the best possible website, we would like to hear your feedback — both good and bad. So please tell us what you think.