Nominated representatives

Representing a DVA Client

A ‘Nominated Representative’ is a third party authorised to represent a DVA client in their dealings with the department.

People or organisations desiring access to a DVA client’s information, or to manage their affairs, must have written consent. This may be an online request, a letter, a form, a court notice or other documentation.

Who can represent a DVA client

Representatives may be partners, children, trustees, agents, or legal representatives. They may be an organisation such as a nursing home that receives client payments.

A close friend or client’s child may hold a Power of Attorney and be recognised by DVA as a representative to make changes and arrange services.

A DVA client or their representative can request approval for the representative.

How can a Nominated Representative help

What Nominated Representatives can do on behalf of a DVA client depends on the representative role they have.

They may be able to simply provide information or enquire about a client’s record, or update details and request services.

Online Access for Nominated Representatives

Nominated Representatives can get their own ‘MyService’ account to access a DVA client’s information online.

Nominated Representatives may be able to access payment information, update details, re-direct mail, organise transport services, submit applications for reimbursements, view accepted medical conditions and initiate other DVA services.

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