Free services that may help you

Last updated: 
9 September 2020

You can access other support while you wait for us to assess your claim.

Free support services

Open Arms - Veterans & Families Counselling provides 24-hour free counselling and support to you and your family.

AT-Ease is a health and wellbeing portal that provides resources for you and your family.

Lifeline Australia provides free support services if you are in crisis and need to talk to someone.

You can also connect with an ex-service organisation in your local area. These organisations may be able to provide you with support and resources.

Get care while you wait on a claim

We may pay for you to have temporary access to health care while we are still assessing your claim for that care.

This offer is a trial that we will run until 30 June 2021. We call it 'provisional access to medical treatment'.