Compensation payment rates for MRCA

Last updated: 
1 January 2021

This page provides the current rates of compensation benefits that may be payable under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA).

This information is current from 1 January 2021 to 19 March 2021.

Permanent Impairment

Maximum weekly benefit - $359.85

Payments may be taken as a lump sum calculated according to age.

*Note: Energy Supplement may also be payable.

Benefits for incapacity for work

First 45 weeks after discharge 100% of normal earnings
Subsequently 75% of normal earnings
Lump sum redemption level $231.60
Remuneration loading for discharged members $171.20

Compensation for the cost of obtaining financial and legal advice (combined)

Up to - $2,732.49

Special Rate Disability Pension

Maximum per week (before offsets apply) - $725.90

*Note: This rate includes Energy Supplement.

Household services

Maximum per week - $509.53

Attendant Care services

Maximum per week - $509.53

Wholly dependent partners

Weekly compensation following death - $480.20

*Note: This rate includes Energy Supplement.

*Note: May be converted to a lump sum equivalent based on age.

Maximum additional compensation lump sum - $154,400.19

Eligible young persons

Lump sum compensation following death $92,640.11
Periodic weekly compensation payment following death $154.08
Lump sum payable on maximum impairment of member $92,640.11

Other Dependants

Maximum lump sum compensation following death per person - $92,640.11

Education Allowance for eligible young persons

Primary students (per year) $280.40

Secondary and tertiary students (fortnightly rate)

Age At Home Living away from home Homeless
Under 16 $58.10 $394.20 $469.50
16 - 17 $257.10 $469.50 $469.50
18 & over $309.20 $469.50 $469.50

*Note: These rates include Energy Supplement.

Income Support Bonus

Secondary and tertiary students 16 years of age and over (twice a year) - $119.60

Student Start-up and Relocation Scholarships

Student Start-up Scholarship (per year) $2,188.00

*Note: It is paid in two instalments of $1,094.00 per 6 month period.

Relocation Scholarship (per year)

Students in their first year of study while living away from home $4,626.00
Second and third years living away from home $2,314.00
Each year thereafter $1,156.00

Funeral Expenses

Maximum - $12,491.46

MRCA Supplement

Maximum per fortnight - $12.40

Energy Supplement

An Energy Supplement is an ongoing fortnightly payment paid with compensation and income support payments. The rate varies according to the payment type.