Make a transport booking

What is a transport booking

A transport booking is a pre-booked transport service under the Repatriation Transport Scheme. It gets you from your home to an approved medical appointment and back. The service is paid for by us and provided by one of our contracted taxi or hire car providers.

If you live a long distance from your closest treatment provider, we may be able to provide you with a prepaid flight or rail transport.

Who can receive it

You may be able to use booked transport services if you:

  • have a Gold Card under the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA); or 
  • have a White Card and travel relates to an accepted service-related condition under VEA; and
  • meet the criteria below to either all approved treatment locations or specific treatment locations 

Approved treatment locations

You may receive travel to all approved treatment locations if you are one of the following:

  • 80 years old or over
  • legally blind‌
  • suffering from dementia

Specific treatment locations

You may receive travel to specific treatment locations if you have one or more of these medical conditions:

  • psychosis
  • hemiplegia
  • ataxia
  • respiratory insufficiency severely limiting independent activity
  • cardiac failure severely limiting independence
  • recent coronary occlusion severely limiting independence
  • peripheral vascular disease severely limiting independence
  • amputation severely limiting independence
  • arthritis severely limiting independence
  • recent surgery severely affecting your capacity to use public transport
  • conditions that would cause you to be gravely embarrassed or that are unacceptable to other passengers on public transport (for example, incontinence of bladder or bowel, severe deformity or disfigurement)
  • significant trauma
  • frailty that severely limits your independence‌

If you don't meet the above criteria, you can call us on 1800 550 455 to confirm your eligibility if you have:

  • a Gold Card under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA)
  • an accepted service-related injury or condition under MRCA
  • a White Card for free mental health treatment, or cancer (malignant neoplasm) or pulmonary tuberculosis treatment

What you can receive

Travel to all approved treatment locations

You may get return booked transport from your home to your closest practical provider (CPP) at all medical treatment locations where your Gold or White card is accepted. Your CPP is the health provider who is closest to your home, who is able to provide appropriate treatment, and who is recognised as an approved provider by us.‌ 

Travel to specific treatment locations

You may get return booked transport from your home to your CPP‌ at:

  • former Repatriation General Hospitals
  • public and private hospitals, including outpatient services
  • providers of prosthetics, surgical footwear and orthotics
  • Office of Hearing Services accredited providers
  • medical specialist rooms
  • radiology, imaging and pathology services‌ 

Travel to specific treatment locations does not include:

How much you pay

If we book your transport there will be no charge to you.

How to access booked transport

There are a few ways you can access booked transport:

  • You can book transport online through MyAccount.
  • If you have an authorised representative who has online access to your MyAccount, they can also book online.
  • If your health provider is registered with our online services, they can request transport through their online account.
  • You, your authorised representative, health provider or medically required attendant can call our transport booking service on 1800 550 455.

If you live a long distance from your treatment provider and you require long distance transport, please call us on 1800 550 455.

Things you should know

  • If you want to see a health provider who is not your closest practical provider (CPP) and who is more than 50km (one way) from your home, you may need to arrange your own transport. If you claim for reimbursement we will assess your claim.
  • A medically required attendant can travel with you for booked transport. Please tell us at the time of making the booking that you are travelling with an attendant.
  • We can arrange a wheelchair accessible vehicle if you tell us when you make your booking.
  • Booked transport can include long distance transport when it is clinically necessary and the most suitable and economical means of transport.
  • If you need travel after hours or on the weekend you will need to make your own arrangements and claim reimbursement


Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986