Diabetes organisations membership

Last updated: 
5 December 2019

We may cover costs to help certain veterans become members of state or territory diabetes organisations. This aims to help them better understand and manage their overall health.

What is state and territory diabetes organisation membership 

Each state or territory has its own diabetes organisation offering services and resources to help you manage your health.

We offer to fund your membership to help you manage your health.

Who can receive it 

We will pay for your membership if you have diabetes and a Veteran Gold Card or Veteran White Card.

What you can receive

Membership to a diabetes organisation can provide access to:

  • the organisation’s member magazine and website
  • an online portal for veterans (that we are currently developing)
  • social support and education programs
  • a booklet specific to your diabetes
  • workshops and support groups

How you access membership 

After your diagnosis, your state or territory organisation may contact you about membership. You can also contact them to join.

Let the organisation know you hold a Veteran Gold or White Card for us to cover your membership fees.

State and territory organisations

You can find more information about specific state and territory organisation’s on their websites:

National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) 
Membership to the NDSS is free to all Australians who live with diabetes. You can speak to your GP or health care worker for more information.


We developed a range of booklets with the state and territory diabetes organisations to support this initiative. These booklets detail the services offered by your local diabetes organisation with your membership and provides an overview of support services that DVA provides to eligible clients living with diabetes.