Get help from diabetes educators

Last updated: 
5 December 2019

Diabetes educators provide valuable information and resources to help you manage your diabetes.

What are diabetes educators

A diabetes educator can be a support person who has completed further study to help you manage your diabetes. They can provide you with information and resources to assist your wellbeing.

Who can receive diabetes educator services

You may receive diabetes educator services if your GP or health care specialist has diagnosed you with diabetes and you have 1 of the following:

What you can receive 

Your educator can teach you how to manage your diabetes and give you information about:

  • the type of diabetes you have
  • exercise and healthy eating
  • using the right diabetes medication
  • keeping an eye on blood sugar levels
  • reducing risks of diabetes complications
  • a self management treatment plan

How often you can see an educator

Your GP or health care specialist can refer you to a diabetes educator for up to 12 sessions at a time.

You can have as many referrals as you and your GP or health care specialist see fit.

How you access an educator

Any one of the following can refer you to a diabetes educator:

  • general practitioner (GP)
  • medical specialist
  • treating doctor in hospital
  • hospital discharge planner

You should check with the diabetes educator if they will accept your DVA Card before your appointment.

We cannot reimburse you if you seek cover as a patient through medicare or a private health fund.