Use DVA Webclaim

Last updated: 
19 December 2019

As a DVA health care provider, you can use DVA Webclaim to have us pay you after you consult with or treat DVA clients. You get your money 90% faster than if you mail us a paper claim.

About DVA Webclaim

DVA Webclaim is a free, online service that lets you lodge claims so we can pay you after you treat an eligible veteran.

There are time limits on claims through Webclaim.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) hosts Webclaim for us.

The benefits of using it

When you use Webclaim you can:

  • receive an instant response about the success of your claim
  • receive payment within 2 business days
  • access up to 2 years of your electronic DVA payment statements
  • access up to 2 years of your DVA claims history
  • cancel or amend claims that you submit on the same day
  • securely message DHS with questions about your claim
  • go paperless
  • lodge a claim without a client's signature

Who can use it

Webclaim best suits you if you have a small number of DVA clients.

You can lodge a claim if you are a practitioner of:

  • medicine
  • dentistry or dental services
  • ophthalmology or optical services
  • allied health

Who cannot use it

You cannot use DVA Webclaim if you want to claim hospital or community nursing services.

Before you start

What you need for access

To access DVA Webclaim you need a:

  • Medicare provider number
  • Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account
  • computer with an internet connection

If you have been using a Medicare Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate, you will soon need to create a PRODA account to access DVA Webclaim.

The Department of Human Services website tells you how to get a:

What you need to receive our payment

To receive our payment you need to register or update your bank details with the Department of Human Services.

Steps to claim through Webclaim

Step 1: log on to the Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) portal.

Step 2: choose the PRODA or PKI Certificates button and start the registration process.

Step 3: link Webclaim and start the claim process.

Contact the eBusiness Service Centre in the Department of Human Services for help claiming online:

  • Telephone: 1800 700 199
  • Email: ebusiness [at]

They have advice on doing business online