What you need to know when you work with us

Last updated: 
18 December 2020

We hire Veterans' Home Care (VHC) assessment agencies and VHC service providers. We give you tools to help plan the services you give our clients and to invoice for your work.

How we hire agencies

We hire VHC assessment agencies through an Australia-wide request for tender process. The request for tender is advertised on the Australian Government's procurement website, AusTender.

How agencies work with service providers

VHC assessment agencies assess the needs and approve services for veterans and their families. They send service plans to VHC service providers and care plans to veterans and their dependents.

VHC service providers deliver help and care services to veterans and their families across Australia. These providers should alert the assessment agency if a client’s needs change over time.

The VHC program has 54 service delivery areas called VHC regions that cover all of Australia. Each region has its own assessment agency and service providers.

Assessment agencies and service providers we work with

These agencies and providers are currently working with us:

Online tools for VHC assessors and providers

We have online sites for assessment agencies and service providers that have information on service plans and how to claim for their work.

We have a step-by-step guide for VHC service providers looking to activate their provider portal account.

VHC forms

These forms are for use by assessment agencies and service providers:

Contact us

For enquiries about VHC call our Health Provider Line on 1800 550 457.