GP - How to refer a client to another provider

Last updated: 
10 July 2020

When you treat our clients you may refer them to other providers or services. In some cases you may need to check with us before you refer a client.

Referring clients to other health providers

If you are a General Practitioner (GP) you can provide a referral on your regular stationery or use this form:

Use this form to refer clients to the following health providers and services:

Allied health

There is a specific process for referring a veteran to an allied health practitioner. We call this the allied health treatment cycle.


Radiology services are generally restricted to services listed for use by GPs in the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) or Repatriation medical Fee Schedule (RMFS).

When not to make a referral

You do not need to make a referral for:

What to include on the referral

When you make a request or referral we need to know the client's:

  • name
  • file number (shown on their Veteran Card)
  • treatment entitlement (card type)
  • condition being treated
  • date of birth
  • address
  • clinical details including recent illnesses, injuries and current medication (if applicable).

We also need to know whether the client is in a Residential Aged Care Facility.

We also need a description of the service you are requesting and:

  • your name
  • your provider number
  • the date of the request or referral and the period of referral
  • other treating health providers (if relevant)

You may use your own stationery instead of this form as long as you include all this information.

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for making sure the provider you are referring to:

  • knows the client's medical history
  • is able to claim payment from us through a DVA fee schedule

Prior approval

You need to get prior approval from us for services that:

  • are not on the MBS
  • do not meet the MBS rules
  • may only be used by specialists
  • cost more than the fee stated in the RMFS