Coordinated Veterans' Care

The CVC program provides ongoing, planned and coordinated care for Gold Card holders who are most at risk of unplanned hospitalisation. CVC is a team-based approach led by a GP with a nurse coordinator and is focused on improving the management of chronic conditions and quality of life for eligible Gold Card holders.

Dose Administration Aid (DAA) Service

The Dose Administration Aid Service builds on DVA’s Quality Use of Medicines programmes and aims to assist the veteran community to get the most out of their medicines and to reduce medication mismanagement.

Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP)

The Rehabilitation Appliances Program assists entitled veterans, war widow/ers and dependants through the provision of aids and appliances to minimise the impact of disabilities, enhance quality of life and maximise independence.

Travel for Treatment

Local taxi and hire car providers are contracted to DVA to transport DVA clients to their medical appointment on time through the Booked Car Scheme. Health providers can arrange transport under the scheme on behalf of a DVA client by phone or through the online transport booking system.

Veterans' Home Care (Provider programs)

Veterans' Home Care provides low-level home care services to eligible veterans and war widow and widowers.

Veterans' MATES

The Veterans’ MATES programme provides information for health professionals to assist their veteran patients to manage their medical conditions, particularly through appropriate medicine use.

Wound care

DVA has partnered with medical specialists to provide comprehensive information on the identification and treatment of wounds typically suffered by the veteran population.