Monitored Personal Response Systems (PRS) including

Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (MPERS)

Last modified: 
15 July 2020
RAP item number: 
RAP item category: 
AA00 - Alarm System/Communication Appliances/Assistive Listening Devices
Is this a contracted item: 

Yes, Personal Response System

Is prior approval required: 

No, unless exceeds 1 per person


Monitored PRS are devices which involve installation and are monitored by an emergency alarms service.

MPERS are LMOS-enabled emergency response pendants that work anywhere inside and outside the home environment where there is a mobile signal.

Health providers should conduct an in-home falls risk assessment, cognitive assessment, in-home assessment of the placement of the device within the home, training in the use of the equipment and follow up in usage.

Prior Approval is required where a spouse still requires the device after the existing user’s death. DVA will allow a period from the date of death in order to determine the spouse’s potential eligibility.

Assessment Form for the supply of Personal Response System - D9199