Microphone/FM Listening System

Last modified: 
27 November 2020
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AA00 - Alarm System/Communication Appliances/Assistive Listening Devices
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Is prior approval required: 

No, unless exceeds $1860 or

1 per person


The client will require hearing assessment and compatible hearing aid/s prior to supply. A clinical consultation and technical evaluation should be conducted to determine suitability of the equipment for the client and to train the client in its set up and use.

A hearing assessment and compatible hearing aids are required prior to supply. Item should only be supplied when the client has an identified need for the equipment, listening goals remain unmet at the conclusion of the rehabilitation program, and a person is capable of managing the device independently or with the support of others.

RAP National Guidelines apply.

Request for Assistive Listening Devices and/or Tinnitus Devices form D9376