Non-slip Surfacing (including non-slip strips)

Last modified: 
27 November 2020
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AL00 - Home Modifications
Is this a contracted item: 

Yes, Mobility & Functional Support

Is prior approval required: 



Functional, home and product assessments should be conducted.

Non-slip surfacing may be requested for wet areas, such as showers, bathrooms, external stairs and ramps.

The property owner must sign the Authority to Install/Modify Form D1323 for the modification to be undertaken. By signing the form, the property owner agrees to not seek compensation for restoration of the property to its former state or for ongoing maintenance costs such as annual inspections/registration costs when the modification is no longer required by the entitled person.

Installations should only be carried out on one residence.  Confirmation is required that the entitled person intends to remain in the dwelling to be modified.  Assessing Health Provider should be aware of maintenance issues before prescription.

RAP National Guidelines apply.

Order Form – Mobility and Functional Support – D0992

Contact the DVA Provider Line on 1800 550 457 and select option 1, then option 2, for RAP for further information.