Bicycle - Stationary Exercise (includes recumbent stationary bikes)

Last modified: 
27 November 2020
RAP item number: 
RAP item category: 
AV00 - Physiotherapy Appliances
Is this a contracted item: 

Yes, Mobility & Functional Support

Is prior approval required: 

No, unless exceeds 3 month hire period


An exercise bike is not intended for general fitness. An exercise bike may be considered for weight loss upon request by a Bariatric Specialist who is supervising a weight loss program for medical reasons.

The hire of exercise bikes may be considered for a 3 month episode of care, such as post knee surgery rehabilitation. For the initial 3 month hire period, send a direct order form to the contracted supplier. To ensure safe use of the stationary exercise bike, the GP/LMO should provide a document that states it is medically safe for the entitled person to undertake this exercise program. Retain this document in the client’s records.

At the end of 3 months, the health provider is required to complete, and submit to DVA, the "Request for Exercise Bike" form to indicate there is a clinical necessity for further hire periods.

Request for Exercise Bike Form D9160