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Mental Health Prevalence and Pathways to Care Summary Report

This report summarises the Mental Health and Wellbeing Transition Study methodology, describes the study populations, and presents the key findings from the first two reports of the Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme.

Psychological and vocational outcomes of delivering support services to the families of veterans at times of high family stress

This report was funded by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to assess available literature on the psychological and vocational outcomes of delivering support services to the families of veterans at times of high family stress. The review considered interventions being provided to veterans in Australia, and other English speaking countries who may have similar veteran experiences

Vol 34 No.1 Autumn 2018

Ironside Recruitment’s Glen Ferrarotto on the power of the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Awards; the first Vetaffairs column from Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Darren Chester; the NSW War Widows’ Guild initiative Honouring Women United by Defence Service; and ACT Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Iraq veteran Jeremy Hanson on his post-transition mental health struggle.

Epidemiological Cut-Off Feasibility Study—June 2017

This project was commissioned to add to the field of research arising from the Mental Health in the Australian Defence Force: 2010 Australian Defence Force Mental Health Prevalence and Wellbeing Study (MHPWS).

Vol 33 No.4 Summer 2017

The By the Left campaign to raise awareness of women veterans; MyService update; war widows discuss issues around service-related suicide; bookings open for the Sir John Monash Centre; the reunion of two friends who had not seen each other since the Battle of El Alamein; and 2018 Young Queenslander of the Year Phillip Thompson on the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Awards

Mental Health Prevalence Report

This report investigates the prevalence of 12-month and lifetime mental disorders, trauma exposure, suicidal ideation and self-reported mental health symptoms among Transitioned ADF members.

Pathways to Care Report

This report complements the first report, Mental Health Prevalence, which explored the prevalence of 12-month and lifetime mental disorder in the Transitioned ADF and compared self-reported symptoms in Transitioned ADF with 2015 Regular ADF members.

Vol 33 No.3 Spring 2017

MyService web application fast-tracks claims process; Working with veterans to transform DVA; First Annual Ministerial Statement on Veterans and their Families; Invictus Games; Veterans' Health Week; Florence Violet McKenzie and the Women's Emergency Signalling Corps

DVA Corporate Plan 2017–2021

The Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) Corporate Plan 2017–2021.

Veterans' Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme - How to find and keep that job

DVA helps former members of the Australian Defence Force and their families through pensions, compensation, health care, rehabilitation and much more.

Vol 33 No.2 Winter 2017

How the budget affects the veteran community

Fuel Worker Case File Review Executive Summary

On 5 May 2016, DVA commissioned Occupational, Environmental and Public Health Medicine Physician Dr Graeme Peel to carry out an independent review of 29 Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) case files and Australian Defence Force (ADF) health records of veterans with occupational exposure to fuel.

Vol 33 No.1 Autumn 2017

Fall of Singapore remembered; Digital Readiness Bill passed; commemorations in 2017; pensions and allowances rise …

Providing Pathways Guidance to Young Veterans for a Successful Transition to Civilian Workforce

The report matches DVA administrative data with data from general community surveys to better understand potential workforce outcomes for DVA clients.

Effective Discharge Planning Guide

Effective discharge planning optimises positive post-hospital physical and mental health outcomes for patients, reduces hospital readmission and improves patient independence.

Vol 32 No.3 Summer 2016

A very connected Veterans’ Health Week

United States and Australia Comparative Literature Review

This review of the existing literature aimed to compare and contrast Australian and United States of America military deployment contexts post-1990, covering deployments to the Gulf War, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq.