Australian Defence Veterans' Covenant

Last updated: 
12 December 2019

As a Veteran, you can apply for the Defence Veterans' Covenant. This allows businesses and community groups to recognise your service and offer discounts, events or other help. Businesses and community groups can explore how to join the Covenant.

The Covenant 

The Covenant is a way we show respect and recognise your military service.

Through the Covenant you may get:  

You can apply for the Covenant if you are a:

  • Veteran
  • Reservist

You may be able to get some or all of the Covenant items depending on your service type.

Community support for the Covenant

Community groups and businesses may support the Covenant in different ways:

As a business you can commit your support to the Covenant by completing the online application form. We also encourage businesses to sign up as a partner on the APOD website