Non-Liability Health Care treatment available to current and former members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), including who is eligible and how to apply to access treatment.

What is non-liability health care?

Non-Liability Health Care allows former and current ADF personnel, depending on their eligibility, to receive treatment for the following conditions:

  • Cancer (Malignant Neoplasm);
  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis; and
  • any Mental Health Condition.

There is no need to establish that these conditions were caused by your military service.

Am I eligible?

All current and former members of the ADF with at least one day of continuous full-time service (CFTS) are eligible for treatment of any mental health condition. This includes Reservists who have rendered any period of CFTS and national servicemen.

Non-Liability Health Care treatment of Cancer (Malignant Neoplasm) and Pulmonary Tuberculosis is available to those with the following types of service:

  • eligible war service under the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA);
  • operational service under the VEA;
  • warlike and non-warlike service under the VEA or the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA);
  • peacekeeping service;
  • hazardous service;
  • British Nuclear Test defence service as defined in the VEA;
  • CFTS, for those who completed an unbroken period of three years CFTS (full-time service in the regular ADF) between 7 December 1972 and 6 April 1994;
  • CFTS, for those who were engaged to serve not less than 3 years CFTS (full-time service in the regular ADF) between 7 December 1972 and 6 April 1994, but discharged on the grounds of invalidity or physical or mental incapacity to perform duties before completing three years; or
  • National Service, for National Servicemen who were serving on 6 December 1972 and completed their contracted period of National Service on or after 7 December 1972.

How do I apply?

There is no need to lodge an application form for Non-Liability Health Care for your mental health condition. You can email your request for Non-Liability Health Care for any mental health condition to NLHC@dva.gov.au, or apply over the phone by calling DVA on the General Enquiries numbers listed at the end of this Factsheet. Alternatively, you can complete form D9213 Application for Health Care for a Mental Health Condition, if you wish to do so.

For mental health conditions, a diagnosis is not required.

You may need to provide proof of identity, and your service records will be examined to check your service eligibility.

To apply for Non-Liability Health Care for cancer or pulmonary tuberculosis, you need to fill out application form D9215 Application for Health Care for Cancer (Malignant Neoplasm) and Tuberculosis and return it to DVA using the directions provided on the form.

For cancer and pulmonary tuberculosis, a diagnosis by an appropriately qualified health professional is also required as part of the application process. A diagnosis of cancer (malignant neoplasm) or pulmonary tuberculosis can be made by your treating medical practitioner.

What treatment is covered?

A range of treatments may be available to you. These could include treatment from a general practitioner, medical specialist, psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist, psychiatrist, hospital services, specialist PTSD programs, pharmaceuticals, or oncologist services as required to treat the condition.

If you are found to be eligible you will be issued with a DVA Health Card – for specific conditions (White Card). If you already have a White Card for an accepted condition, you can use the same card for Non-Liability Health Care mental health conditions once you have contacted the Department to apply for Non-Liability Health Care.

Treatment can be accessed under the Non-Liability Health Care arrangements anywhere within Australia, but not overseas.

How will this affect my compensation claims?

Non-Liability Health Care entitlements are entirely separate to the process of claiming compensation. Compensation for accepted conditions is paid on the basis that the condition is related to your service. Non-Liability Health Care treatment is provided regardless of the cause of your condition. This means that if you claim compensation for a condition for which you are also eligible to receive treatment under Non‑Liability Health Care and the compensation claim is not accepted, you may continue to be eligible for Non‑Liability Health Care.

More Information

Non-Liability Health Care

Email: nlhc@dva.gov.au

Website: www.dva.gov.au/nlhc

DVA General Enquiries

Immediate assistance

Immediate assistance can also be provided by the Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS), which provides a free and confidential 24 hour counselling service for eligible veterans and their families on 1800 011 046

Phone: 1800 555 254 *

Email: GeneralEnquiries@dva.gov.au

DVA Website: www.dva.gov.au

Factsheet Website: www.dva.gov.au/factsheets

* Calls from mobile phones and pay phones may incur additional charges.

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